Internet Gaming Source Code for Sale

Enterprise Gaming System Technologies Now Available

This unique opportunity offers a multitude of options for the right buyer. There is software source code available for Poker, Backgammon, Casino, and Back-Office Management/Reporting Systems. The flexible options include each suite independently, or bundled.

Key Features of Each Product:

Poker ...



Sue Schneider, Consultant
Sue Schneider is one of the world’s leading experts on the internet gaming industry which she began monitoring in 1995. Starting as an owner of leading gaming consumer portal from ’95-‘99, she then launched River City Group, which produced the largest i-gaming events in the world as well as key industry trade publications, such as and the Internet Gambling Report. In July, ’06, River City Group was purchased by Clarion Events, one of the UK’s largest event producers and Schneider remained as CEO/Americas there until July ’08. She remains the principal of and consults on a variety of other independent projects in the industry. Schneider was a founder and served as Chairman of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC), a trade association, from its inception in l996 until 2004. She is a frequent speaker at international gaming conferences and has testified to both the US Senate, the US House of Representatives as well as the National Gambling Impact Study Commission in that country.

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